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About Raku



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About Raku



The Raku firing technique

was developed in 16th century Japan. The word Raku itself means “enjoyment”. 

Raku pieces are removed them from the kiln (oven) when they are “red hot,”. They are so hot that when they are placed in a container with combustible material it ignites. Then a lid is placed on the container. The smoke and fire inside the container blackens the clay body and creates the oxygen-starved atmosphere that gives the glazes their beautiful colors, iridescent and metallic characteristics. 

The pieces are then plunged into a water bath to set the glazes. The interesting colors an

Because of the many variables in the Raku firing technique each piece is completely unique.


Raku pieces should be kept out of direct sunlight and should not be used for food. The clay body is porous and will absorb moisture.



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